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Smart Speaker

        We are providing the professional AI solutions for different products and industries, based on the technology including voice and video interaction, far-field speech recognition, cloud semantic analysis, Machine deep learning, APP research and development, etc.

Kintskit Smart Speaker

• CPU – Intel Atom X5(Z83X0) 1.84GHZ Quad Cores processor
• 2/5M Camera – Face Recognition
• WiFi – 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
• USB 3.0*1
• HDMI 1.4A
• Mics array - iFlytek mics array

DingDong Play

• The world's first big screen smart speaker in Chinese version.
• By the function of face recognition, It could determine the user's gender and age, say Hi to you and remember your usual preferences.
• It's the first one that create an shopping experienc with big screen and voice interactive.
• The advantages of Intel Atom Processor in mobile and home controling, provide it comprehensive performance and advanced processing capabilities, such as quick response to instructions, multiple pictures and video capture, etc.


• MORFEI smart microphone uses a double loop eight mics array. It can achieve high recognition rate within 5 meters and has a stronger field pick-up performance.
• Under the smart home scenario, it can determine the speaker's age, gender and personal registered information according to the voiceprint and pronunciation characteristics of different people.
• It supports a variety of protocol docking, including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi。There are Uart ports at the bottom, you can quickly connect it with other intelligent hardware devices to provide voice interactive capabilities for them.