Here is the sample of Fr4 Pcb
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Industrial Control

The design of the strengthening, dustproof, moisture proof and radiation protection of the industrial machine is an important factor to determine its performance. With years of high-speed design and manufacturing experience, we has mastered the technology and has provided excellent services for the industrial products both at home and abroad.

Orthogonal Backplane

Orthogonal backplane switch card based on Infiniband QDR, single line data rate up to 14Gbps, longest channel up to 1m.
• Board Material: Megtron 6
• Board Thickness: 3.4mm
• Layer Count: 18 layers
• Unit Size: 40.5*28.8MM
• Interface: SFI, Infiniband QDR 14Gbps
• Pin Count: 9124
• BGA Pitch: 1mm
• Longest Channel: 100cm

GNSS Receiver Board

12 Layers Half Hole PCB Board for GNSS Receiver
Hampoo has manufactured printed circuit boards for various industry control areas, such as Gas & Pressure Detectors, Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), Audible Signaling Devices etc. Below is a half hole PCB board,which was manufactured by Hampoo. It's applied for high performance GNSS(Global Navigation Satellite System) receiver.

Multilayer Half Hole Circuit Board
• Material:High TG FR4
• Board Thickness:1.6mm
• Layer Count: 12 layers
• Unit Size: 45*45mm
• Surface Finishing:ENIG
• Copper Thickness:1oz
• Line Width/Space:6/4.5mil
• Hole Size:0.2mm
• Impedance Control: 10%

High TG Board

This circuit board was manufactured for smart home product. It can connect all of the key devices in your home, giving you smart, responsive automation and seamless control that you can’t get from stand-alone solutions. Its' intelligent services platform is the foundation for the connected home – giving you access to advanced control, better awareness, and reliable, state of the art technology.

High TG Circuit Board
• Material: High TG FR4
• Board Thickness: 1.6mm
• Layer Count: 8 layers
• Unit Size: 212X147.75mm
• Surface Finishing: ENIG
• Copper Thickness: 1OZ
• Line Width/Space:5/5.8mil
• Hole Size:0.25mm
• Impedance Control:10%

High-speed Data Card

A company’s Data compression and encryption card series, which is designed to meet the requirements of original equipment manufacturers and system integrators to accelerate encryption and data compression.The product has an advantage on full height/half-height(full /half speed)shape products and low power require ments, and it is a perfect choice for clients who are shortageof spaceand restricted by energy consumption.

DesignTools: Powerpcb

Design parameters: To design one board, which has Physical pin4000,design density higher than0.1 (board size/14pin-components), 10-layer PCB.

Difficult to design:
• Since this product provides OEM equipment to many large enterprises worldwide,so the customer claims the boardto achieve a high signal test indicators;
• Several sets of 2.5Ghigh-speedPCI-Express differential signals, high demand onimpedance control,the reference plane,same long processing;
• More than 90%lines are above 150Mhigh-speed digital signals,which has a strict demand on isometric,signal crosstalk control to guarantee a higher testing indicators ofthe time sequence;
• The board has alimited size and design layers,without compromising expanded space,high density layout, so it is very difficult to design.

Rigid Flex Board

16 layers rigid flex circuit board
One Stop Service from design, manufacturing to assembly.

• Board Type: Rigid flex PCB
• Material:IT180A
• Board Thickness:2.4mm
• Layer Count: 16 layers

Data Exchange Board

Design difficulties:
• This case is a design for Data exchange operator panels which is based on tms320c6455 and virtex-4fpga.
• The whole system contains 5 pieces of 6455; the DSP and DSP is interconnected by SRIO bus of 3.12G.
• The design is with 2mm thick and 16-layer. All signal lines have stratigraphic power consumption asa reference power supply section; a single DSP power consumption is also great.
• Combined established structure thewit thermal design, after the internal aspects of the assessment, it's realized ultimately.

Comment: All the test results were able to achieve the desired indicators.

HDI and Blind Board

P104 industrial motherboard
• Core processor: MLX8KCN. Assembled by DDR2 dimm, network card, SB and NB.
• 10 layers HDI and blind via PCB design
• Min BGA: 0.55mm,
• Line space and line width: 3mil/3mil