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SoFIA 3G/3G-R Solution Moves to MP Stage

As Intel's first cost-effective 3G (Data and Voice) solutions, SoFIA 3G/3G-R is included inside the Hampoo SoFIA Tablet Solutions. The solutions in 7 inch (HR070) and 8 inch (HR080) are now fully in mass production by a mature and rich resources integration.


Hampoo’s SoFIA tablet solution carry with 64 bits Intel SoFIA 3G-R processor. The 28nm process technology and Intel X86 architecture can make the performance much higher than the 32-bit ARM architecture processor. Secondly, the 4-core GPU, Mali-450, is doing a great job on the graphic process and it can easily to support the 60fps Full HD display, offering an ultimate visual experience to the customer. What is more, it is the Intel integrated 3G modem. Hampoo integrates the world’s leading technologies of 3G Modem, which can perfectly to support the band of voice calls all over the world. Hampoo’s 3G signal is more stable than other competitors.


HR070 (PCBA: SF-P04) uses a new generation of 7 inch of super-bright IPS screen with a 1024*600 resolution. It is doing a classical slip groove design on the back, which make the single-hand grip with ease.


HR080 (PCBA: SF-P03) is employing an 8-inch of IPS screen with 1280*800 resolution. A full plastic outside makes the solution feeling more superior. Both of these 2 solutions employ with 1GB of memory and 8GB of storage space at least, and they are both able to support a TF expansion. In order to offer a better record to the customer, HR070 and HR080 are carrying with 2MP front and 5MP rear HD camera, and the rear camera is able to update to 8MP right now. Both GPS and GLONASS are available to be used on the SoFIA solutions. They are also support the Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi transmission.


The SoFIA Solutions are not only supporting the7-inch and 8-inch solutions, but also supporting from 5.5-inch to 10.1-inch tablet solutions. Moreover, the resolution can up to 1920*1080. Today, Hampoo can quickly integrated the supply chain resources, which can offer the products to the clients as soon as possible and finally to help clients quickly seize market.


Hampoo will continue to provide the most stable and high quality Intel inside solutions in a future new era. For more Hampoo solutions, please also keep an eye on the Hampoo official Wechat.

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