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Innovative Supplier of Tablets is Looking for Partners at CES

ecember 27th, 2013 Shenzhen, China – Hampoo, an innovator and manufacturer of fine tablets for just about every industry is looking for partners at the CES 2014 convention in Las Vegas. Hampoo will be demostrating their products at Exhibition Booth No.35450 at South Hall 4 from Jan. 7th to the 10th.

They will be showing Intel based tablets, such as gaming tablets with detachable game controllers, full HD glasses-free 3D tablets, smart wearable devices, tablets with barcode scanners and RFID chips, educational tablets with NFC and stylus pens among others.

Hampoo will be showcasing five main product categories, The first group of devices is the Glasses-free 3D Tablets with a full 10.1 inch IPS HD (1920×1200) Glasses-free 3D. The users will be able to enjoy watching 3D movies, 3D videos& pictures, there will be also provisioning for converting 2D videos and pictures to 3D. Further there will be huge repository of 2D games converted to 3D and hence users will never in shortage of content. The tablet sports muscle and performance that exceeds that of popular high-end quad core tablets on market. The device supports various multimedia 3D output formats such as 3DZ, TS, RM/RMVB, AVI, and MP4. It also employs Intel’s exclusive WiDi technology (Wireless High Definition Technology), directly playing 3D videos on displays.


The second being is Restaurants Tablets. They feature Seamless Roaming with Wi-Fi time of less than 1 second so staff can obtain a steady signal to orders. They also feature a Theft Proof Charging Stand with a built-in electronic anti-theft alarm. NFC (Near Field Communication) support is provided to quickly detect customer’s membership accounts details, to calculate member discounts, and make mobile payments simultaneously.


Hampoo is also showcasing their Gaming Tablet. It is expected to have over 30,000 popular games. The device is powered by the Z2580 Intel dual core processor with hyper-threading technology. The tablet features detachable professional game controllers with typical cross-shaped steering joystick, providing for precise movements in all directions. It also comes with Intel’s exclusive WiDi technology.


Hampoo is proud to offer an Education Tablet in their line up as well. which comes  with NFC support,These tablets offer support for dual systems, both for Windows and Android. The standout feature is the Near Real Handwriting experience on these tablets. With this, students and teachers are able to take notes, write digital examinations, sketch, paint etc.


Lastly, Hampoo is offering Medical Tablets. With the built-in MOTO 1D/2D barcode laser scanner, with an intelligent optical focusing system, The user can read defective or even damaged bar codes accurately under any lighting conditions. The Omni-directional scanning reduces the possibility of device errors, and lowers risks to patients. The built-in RFID supports ISO15693, ISO18000-3, ISO14443A/B and the FeliCa protocol standards. Medical personnel can read, edit and write patients' detailed information via radio frequency signal, This provides for convenience in conducting identification and tracking management of patients. The entire tablet (including the screen) uses nano-antibacterial ABS materials which can also be cleaned with 75% medicinal alcohol for avoiding spreading of diseases. After going through a series of strict environmental tests, these tablets have been proved to be dustproof, moisture-proof, and waterproof. The medical tablets also support Wi-Fi roaming.


We release products under our own brand as well as offer manufacturing services for various partners. We are looking for worldwide distributors.


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