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List of Hampoo 2016 2-in-1 Public Tooling Projects



The 2-in-1 Public Tooling Projects are based on the Intel Cherry Trail chipsupport 7”-13.3” display, provide the maximum resolution 2560*1600,support USB 2.0 and Type-C ports, be free to choose Android or Windows OS, can also select Wi-Fi3G4G or GPS functions.

Function and performance

1. HC101B and HC120 support LTE-4G, because nowadays more and more clients have demonstrated a higher demand on the network, they need a better network to satisfy their needs.

2. HC101B and HC120 Support Type-C port, easier to charge and connect to the device which provides power and helps to collect data, the transmission speed can be up to 10 GBPS.


HC 101B





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