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We have made great progress in AI technology and product such as computer vision, face recognition and voice interaction. The products we serviced have been widely used in the field of security like image monitoring, anti-theft system, explosion-proof and security check, building intercom, etc.

Police Equipment

PCB & PCBA for Police Equipment was designed & manufactured by Hampoo.
This product is applied in information detect device for the police. The production processes is comprehensive, including SMT assembly, DIP assembly, board testing, system testing and aging etc.
Our experienced engineers have to inspect many key indicators to ensure that the product can work well.

Multilayer Half Hole Circuit Board
• Board Type: Through Hole PCB
• Material:IT180A
• Board Thickness:2.0mm
• Layer Count: 12 layers
• Unit Size: 250.54 *162.00mm
• Surface Finishing:ENIG
• Impedance Control: ±10%
• PCBA: Total 1276 components
• Minimum size of components: 0402

Monitoring Solutions

Custom main board and RF board were designed and produced by Hampoo.
We are proud to release one of the most technologically advanced remote monitoring solutions in the market.

This product allows remote sensors to report directly to its data center via various communication channels (e.g. GSM/GPRS, Satellite, and Ethernet). Data is captured and securely stored by the servers and made available through the internet, an advanced hosted web-based application. The end-user can access to the data anytime, anywhere for real-time monitoring, analysis, and collaboration.

This solution is fully scalable and allows remote monitoring anytime anywhere from a single station in the field to thousands of individual stations that report data to the data center. The data is easily accessible from the web and mobile devices.

This solution is much more than basic remote monitoring and is not simply an integration of 3rd party hardware and software. It is a solution to make data transactions more secure and reliable than any other solution in the market.

Main Board
• Board Material:FR4
• Thickness: 1.6MM
• Layers: 6 layers
• Unit size: 95.00*82.00MM
• Surface Finishing: ENIG, double side SMT
• Copper Thickness: 1 OZ
• Impedance Control: Yes
• PCBA:Total 262 components,
• Minimum size of components: 0603

RF Board
• Board Material:FR4
• Thickness: 1.6MM
• Layers: 6 layers
• Unit size: 90.5*68.50MM
• Surface Finishing: HASL Lead Free,double side SMT
• Copper Thickness: 1 OZ
• Impedance Control: Yes
• Components Quantity: Total 112 components
• Minimum Size of Components: 0402

Home Security Robot

8 layers second-order HDI board was manufactured and assembled by Hampoo.
The below circuit board was applied for a home security robot. Accessible via Wi-Fi from anywhere in the world, it is able to deliver crucial information at a moment’s notice.
This smart robot is able to see, hear, sense, and even track moving objects to give you the full picture. This product is also able to react instantly to these changes to investigate.
Using the on board camera and bright LED lights, this robot takes photos and videos for your to review and you can even communicate using the two-way audio system. The robot is so smart, it even self-docks to charge itself when needed and can stand back up if it trips over an obstacle.

Second-order HDI Board
• Board Material: High TG FR 4
• Board Thickness: 2.0mm
• Layer Count: 8 layers
• Unit Size:129.9 *119.9mm
• Surface Finishing: ENIG
• Copper Thickness:1OZ
• Line Width/Space:3/3.3mil
• Hole Diameter:0.2mm
• Special Surface Finishing: POFV manufacturing process(Resin plug in,surface flat plating)