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There are higher requirements for the medical products like information analysis and processing capabilities, system intelligent, signal accuracy and quality stability. Our products, both hospital and household medical equipment including Pacemakers, X-ray equipment, monitoring equipment, medical power supplies, beauty equipment, have passed the medical quality management system certification ISO13485: 2003.

Portable Product

We can provide an optimized design solution for portable products by adopting TI DM3730 processor of 1GHz ARM Cortex A8 core + 800MHz TMS320C64 DSP core and integrating the interconnecting of WiFi /BT/FM, CDMA 3G and GPS positioning and navigation wireless technologies.

Hardware Description:
Core Board
• CPU:DM3730 Cortex A8 1GHZ + 800MHz TMS320C64 DSP + SGX
• PMIC:TI TPS65930
• Size:43mm x 57mm

Main Board
• Wireless Module:3G(WCDMA),WiFi/BT/FM,GPS,RFID
• Sensor:Digital Compass, acceleration sensor
• Display:LCD (4 wire touch screen),HDMI
• Camera:200W
• Video:Support HD 720p video coding
• Audio: MIC input, dual channel 3.5mm output
• Network Interface:10/100Mbps
• Other Interfaces:SD,UART,DOCK,JTAG
• Size:132mm x 172mm

Operating System: Linux,Android 2.2(2.3)
Application Field: Consumer Electronics, Medical Equipment, Multimedia Processing, Video Monitoring, Industrial Control etc.

Blind Buried Board

This assembled board is used for government security system, one set with different 10 small pcs, as well as a blind hole board.

This circuit board was manufactured for a discreet wireless non-intrusive body-worn monitor. It is a cutting edge approach allowing healthcare providers to monitor key biometrics outside the clinical setting, while patients go about their daily lives, thus safeguarding the health and safety of individuals every day. The monitoring system creates a constant connection between patients and their care teams, increasing compliance with treatment plans. The patient will still be following a doctor's care plan, but both sides will be empowered to participate in the direction of care on a near real time basis.

Blind Buried Board for Medical Device
• Board Material: FR4
• Thickness: 1.6 MM
• Layers: 6 layers
• Unit size: 191.33*135.62MM
• Surface Finishing: ENIG, double side SMT
• Copper Thickness:1oz
• PCB Type: Blind hole boards
• PCBA:Total 1096 components,
• Minimum size of components: 0201

Mechanical Board

This mechanical blind bury board is applied for a medical device which used in conjunction with Magnetic Resonance Imaging.
The Gerber file along with appropriate document was submitted for a full design review and quote. The data package was reviewed by Hampoo PCB design Managers. And they found that the initial design can not meet both IPC and UL certificates, and may cause defects likely to impact the reliability of the end product.

Our pcb design team worked with the client and updated the multilayer PCB data set. The design was built to Hampoo's original design specifications which complied with IPC and UL approvals. Hampoo delivered on time with a better price. All the PCB boards performed when populated and power was applied. After the testing was completed, Hampoo PCB board still functioned properly.

N-160 PCB CF-Bscan-Mod_V1d
• PCB type: Mechanical Blind Buried Board
• Layers: 4
• Board thickness: 1.60mm
• Min BGA sphere diameter: 0.30mm
• Material: FR4(Tg130)
• RoHs Material: Yes
• Industry: Industrial Control
• Finishing: ENIG
• Acceptance Criteria: IPC-6012-II

Dental Instruments

Dental instruments internal circuit board's design, manufacturing and assembly.
• Lead-free and environmental protection
• Through ROHS Certification
• Control system operation
• Remote control and 6-inch touch screen
• High-power drive motor