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With 15 years of high-speed PCB design, manufacturing experience and a strong supply chain resources, Hampoo has successively completed the Xilinx Virtex UltraScale + KU9P KU11P KU13P KU15P & Intel / Altera Stratix 10 GX, SX, TX, MX, 400/650/850/1100 series of products development and manufacturing. To provide a strong guarantee for products quickly to the market.

● Over 90% high-speed signal of the entire board, such as DDR4-2400, PCI-E 4.0(16G), 100G optical interface(4x25G).
● Core device supply exceeds 100A, more than 200W power consumption.
● PCI-E half-height, full-height, full-size design, difficulties in design density, layout and wiring.
● High cost and spend a long time in production. It must be through the SI / DFM simulation and ensure a one-time successful.