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In the green energy, power and environmental control equipment industries, we have rich R&D and design experience. We support the energy companies’ transformation and upgrading, and maintain a long-term relationship with them. To make our contribution for environmental improvement.

Rigid-Flex Board

Compass Rev1.1
• Board Type: Rigid-Flex Board
• Material: FR-4+PI
• Count Layers: 8
• Line Width/Space:3/4mil
• Hole Diameter: 0.2mm
• Hole Density: 142491/㎡
• Aspect Ratio: 5:1
• Warpage:0.75%

Mixed Plate

Manufactured by Hampoo. This complex mixed plate was applied for new energy systems.

Mixed Plate(Rogers+FR4)
• Material: RO4003C+FR408HR
• Board Thickness: 1.8mm
• Count Layers: 10 layers
• Unit Size: 184.15 *153.67mm
• Surface Finishing: ENIG
• Copper Thickness:1OZ
• Line width/space:8/4.6mil
• Hole Diameter:0.25mm
• Impedance Control: ±10%