Here is the example of the Power Control Module
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We use Intel chip to make an intelligent smart Dashcam – KUZO. It has superior performance and can synchronous driving record, Bluetooth one-click capture, give real-time traffic information, point to point navigation and more. Our service could greatly improve product performance, to achieve smart and safe driving.

AVM System Board

A printed circuit board used in a car or truck, sub assembly or dealer support system must be high reliable, long-lasting and be highly competitive in price. As an innovative global electronics company, Hampoo provides automotive PCBs according to customers’ requirements completely and precisely.
Below is an automotive PCB board manufactured by Hampoo. Applied for AVM (Around View Monitor) System.

Half Hole Circuit Board
• Material: High TG FR4
• Board Thickness: 1.6mm
• Layer Count: 8 layers
• Unite Size: 64X42mm
• Surface Finishing: ENIG
• Copper Thickness:1OZ
• Line Width/Space:3/3mil
• Impedance Control: 10%

TG Circuit Board

This circuit board was applied for electronic control unit (ECU). ECU is a small computer like a device that controls any or some of the electronic systems or subsystems in a motor vehicle. Manufactured and Assembled work by Hampoo.

8 layers high TG circuit board
• Material: High TG FR4
• Board Thickness: 1.6mm
• Layer Count: 8 layers
• Unit Size: 190.83X125.95mm
• Surface Finishing: ENIG
• Copper Thickness:1OZ
• Line Width/Space: 3.94/3.93mil
• Hole size: 0.25mm
• Impedance Control: 10%

Motor Board

Motor board designing and manufacturing
• Surface finish: Thick gold plating.
• Board function: Firming weld, this board in can be used in shipping in strong shaking environment.

Power Supply Board

Printed circuit boards for Automotive industry require high reliability, long life service. This power supply board was made of aluminium. Aluminium pcb or other metal core boards can perform very well in hash automotive applications. Applied for Power Supply in automotive electronics.

Heavy Copper Aluminium Power Supply Board
• Material: Aluminum
• Board Thickness: 1.6mm
• Layer Count: 2 layers
• Unit Size: 168.14 *91.82mm
• Surface Finishing: HASL
• Copper Thickness:4OZ
• Line Width/Space: 9.5/14mil
• Hole Diameter:3.0mm

ECU Board

ECU (electronic control unit) board used on Diesel engine

Products Introduction: ECU's main function is through operating, processing and judging the data which inputted by a variety of sensors, and then output commands to control the fuel supply system of engine.

Design Tools:Cadence Allegro15.51

Design Difficulty:
1. The engine is the core of the car. The ECU as the control unit of engine pump system can be described as the core of the core of the vehicle. Therefore, the project needs a high demand on design reliability;

2. As ECU is in a high temperature and strong shock environment, meanwhile, ECU board itself has a higher voltage, and a great instantaneouspeak current. Therefore, for the thermal design, power supply design and safety design requirements, this project faces to a big test;

3. ECU affects the car's safety factor, so it requires a high level of EMC. At the same time, constrained by the cost, it can only be made as 4 layers board. Then, it also increases the difficulty of EMC design.