2016 Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Hampoo CEO Star Wang met to discuss the future of the IoT.
Beehive Startup Studio established.
KUZO Car-Camcorder opened to sell.
2015 KUZO Car-Camcorder emerged.
Hampoo Intel solutions sold over millions in 2014, becoming the sales champion of 3G module.
Intel CEO Brian Krzanich visited Hampoo Booth.
2014 In November, Guilin branch was established.
2013 On the 10th anniversary of founding, the new company logo was unveiled.
In March, the world first 10.1 inch 3D tablet was cleared for mass production.
2012 In November, Hampoo sponsored the first PCB Design Competition of IPC China.
In September, was recognized with National High-Tech Enterprise Certification.
In August, the first tablet developed for education went into mass production.
In May, the production base located in Bao’an officially made operational.
In January, in the "portable product scheme" Hampoo won the design award for original design.
In January, Hampoo built the factory which is located in Gu Shu.
2011 In December, website hampoo.com was give new look.
In November, established a new division for design and development of portable devices.
2010 Land mark of 120 employees achieved, serving more than 2200 customers
2009 In March, recognized with ISO 9001 certification.
2008 Achieved landmark of 80 employees serving more than 1200 customers.
2007 In November, SAP ERP system was made operational.
On October, Hampoo was recognized with Shenzhen High-Tech Enterprise Certification.
In July, Chengdu branch was established
2006 Become the first company in China to obtain Mentor Graphics License for professional high-speed PCB designing.
Hampoo was recognized as the most popular high speed PCB supplier by China's EDN magazine.
2005 In October, Shanghai branch was established.
2004 In June, Beijing branch was established.
2003 In March, Hampoo was founded in the city of Shenzhen, China.
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